All games of 1979
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Rip Cord imperfect 1979 Exidy ripcord
Road Runner preliminar 1979 Atari roadrunr
Rolling Crash / Moon Base imperfect 1979 Nichibutsu rollingc
Rotary Fighter preliminar 1979 Kasco rotaryf
Safari Rally (Japan) imperfect 1979 SNK safarir
Space Chaser imperfect 1979 Taito schaser
Space Chaser (CV version) imperfect 1979 Taito schasercv
Straight Flush preliminar 1979 Taito sflush
Sheriff good 1979 Nintendo sheriff
Shock preliminar 1979 Taito shock
Shuttle Invader imperfect 1979 Omori Electric Co., Ltd. shuttlei
Space Invaders (CV Version) imperfect 1979 Taito sicv
Side Track imperfect 1979 Exidy sidetrac
Sky Love imperfect 1979 Omori Electric Co., Ltd. skylove
Smash (Crash bootleg) imperfect 1979 bootleg smash
Solar Ride preliminar 1979 Gottlieb solaride
Solar Fight good 1979 bootleg solfight
Space Beam preliminar 1979 Irem spacbeam
Space City preliminar 1979 Zaccaria spacecty
Space Fever (New Ver.) good 1979 Nintendo spacefev
Space Fever (Old Ver.) good 1979 Nintendo spacefevo
Space Fever (Older Ver.) good 1979 Nintendo spacefevo2
Space Guerrilla preliminar 1979 Omori Electric Co., Ltd. spaceg
Space Launcher good 1979 Nintendo spacelnc
Space Phantoms good 1979 SNK (Zilec Games license?) spaceph
Space War (Leijac Corporation) good 1979 Leijac Corporation spcewarl
Space King 2 imperfect 1979 Konami spcking2
Speed Freak preliminar 1979 Vectorbeam speedfrk
Space Fighter Mark II (set 1) preliminar 1979 Data East spfghmk2
Space Fighter Mark II (set 2) preliminar 1979 Data East spfghmk22
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