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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Elevator Action (bootleg) good 1983 bootleg elevatorb
Exciting Soccer (bootleg) good 1983 bootleg exctsccrb
Exerion (bootleg) good 1983 bootleg exerionb
Gyruss good 1983 bootleg gyrussb
Hyper Olympic (bootleg) imperfect 1983 bootleg hyprolymb
Jr. Pac-Man (Pengo hardware) good 1983 bootleg jrpacmbl
Lady Bug (bootleg on Galaxian hardware) good 1983 bootleg ladybugg
Masao good 1983 bootleg masao
Mr. Kougar (bootleg set 1) good 1983 bootleg mrkougb
Mr. Kougar (bootleg set 2) good 1983 bootleg mrkougb2
Pest Place preliminar 1983 bootleg pestplce
Pole Position II (bootleg) good 1983 bootleg polepos2b
Ropeman (bootleg of Roc'n Rope) good 1983 bootleg ropeman
Super Glob (Pac-Man hardware) German good 1983 bootleg sprglbpg
Super Draw Poker (bootleg) good 1983 bootleg supdrapob
Top Racer (with MB8841 + MB8842, 1983) good 1983 bootleg topracera
Venus good 1983 bootleg venus
1942 (Revision A, bootleg) good 1984 bootleg 1942abl
Champion Golf (bootleg) good 1984 bootleg crgolfbt
Donkey Kong 3 (bootleg on Donkey Kong Jr. hardware) good 1984 bootleg dkong3b
Hyper Sports (bootleg) imperfect 1984 bootleg hypersptb
Kung-Fu Master (bootleg set 1) good 1984 bootleg kungfub
Kung-Fu Master (bootleg set 2) good 1984 bootleg kungfub2
Liberation (bootleg) good 1984 bootleg liberateb
The Legend of Kage (bootleg set 1) good 1984 bootleg lkageb
The Legend of Kage (bootleg set 2) good 1984 bootleg lkageb2
The Legend of Kage (bootleg set 3) good 1984 bootleg lkageb3
Gran Premio F1 (Italian bootleg of Pole Position II) imperfect 1984 bootleg polepos2bi
Punch-Out!! (Italian bootleg) good 1984 bootleg punchita
Star Force (encrypted, bootleg) good 1984 bootleg starforcb
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