All games of 1978
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Shuffleboard imperfect 1978 Midway shuffle
Super Invader Attack good 1978 Zelco / Zaccaria sia2650
Sinbad preliminar 1978 Gottlieb sinbad
Sinbad (Norway) preliminar 1978 Gottlieb sinbadn
Space Invaders (SV Version) imperfect 1978 Taito sisv
Space Invaders (SV Version 2) imperfect 1978 Taito sisv2
Space Invaders (TV Version) good 1978 Taito sitv
Ski Jump preliminar 1978 Zaccaria skijump
Sky Diver good 1978 Atari skydiver
Sky Raider imperfect 1978 Atari skyraid
Six Million Dollar Man preliminar 1978 Bally smman
Space Attack good 1978 bootleg (Video Games GmbH) spaceatt
Space Ship imperfect 1978 Cinematronics (Sega license) spaceshp
Space War Part 3 imperfect 1978 bootleg spacewr3
Space Walk imperfect 1978 Midway spacwalk
Space King good 1978 Leijac Corporation spceking
Space War (Sanritsu) imperfect 1978 bootleg? (Sanritsu) spcewars
Space Gambler preliminar 1978 Playmatic spcgambl
Space Riders preliminar 1978 Atari spcrider
Sprint 1 good 1978 Atari sprint1
Space Stranger preliminar 1978 Yachiyo Electronics, Ltd. sstrangr
Stars preliminar 1978 Stern stars
Strikes and Spares preliminar 1978 Bally stk_sprs
Strike preliminar 1978 Zaccaria strike
Super Twenty One good 1978 Mirco Games super21
The Invaders good 1978 Zelco / Zaccaria tinv2650
Topaz (Shuffle) (L-1) preliminar 1978 Williams topaz_l1
Tournament Table (set 2) good 1978 Atari tourtab2
Tournament Table (set 1) good 1978 Atari tourtabl
Tri Zone (L-1) preliminar 1978 Williams trizn_l1
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