All games from Gottlieb (ordered by year)
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Q*Bert's Quest preliminar 1983 Gottlieb qbquest
Rack 'Em Up (Pinball) preliminar 1983 Gottlieb rackempp
Ready...Aim...Fire! preliminar 1983 Gottlieb raimfire
Royal Flush Deluxe preliminar 1983 Gottlieb rflshdlx
Super Orbit preliminar 1983 Gottlieb sorbit
Alien Star preliminar 1984 Gottlieb alienstr
Argus (Gottlieb, prototype) good 1984 Gottlieb argusg
El Dorado City of Gold preliminar 1984 Gottlieb eldorado
Jacks to Open preliminar 1984 Gottlieb jack2opn
The Games preliminar 1984 Gottlieb thegames
Touchdown preliminar 1984 Gottlieb touchdn
Bounty Hunter preliminar 1985 Gottlieb bountyh
Ice Fever preliminar 1985 Gottlieb icefever
Rock preliminar 1985 Gottlieb rock
Tag-Team Wrestling preliminar 1985 Gottlieb tagteamp
Tag-Team Wrestling (rev.2) preliminar 1985 Gottlieb tagteamp2
Triple Play preliminar 1985 Gottlieb triplay
Genesis preliminar 1986 Gottlieb genesisp
Gold Wings preliminar 1986 Gottlieb goldwing
Hollywood Heat preliminar 1986 Gottlieb hlywoodh
Raven preliminar 1986 Gottlieb raven
Rock Encore preliminar 1986 Gottlieb rock_enc
Arena preliminar 1987 Gottlieb arena
Monte Carlo (Pinball) preliminar 1987 Gottlieb mntecrlo
Spring Break preliminar 1987 Gottlieb sprbreak
Victory (Pinball) preliminar 1987 Gottlieb victoryp
Bad Girls preliminar 1988 Gottlieb badgirls
Diamond Lady preliminar 1988 Gottlieb diamondp
Excalibur preliminar 1988 Gottlieb excalibr
Robo-War preliminar 1988 Gottlieb robowars
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