All games of 1984
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Trivial Pursuit (Baby Boomer Edition) good 1984 Bally/Sente triviabb
Trivial Pursuit (Genus I) (set 1) good 1984 Bally/Sente triviag1
Trivial Pursuit (Genus II) good 1984 Bally/Sente triviag2
Trivial Pursuit (All Star Sports Edition) good 1984 Bally/Sente triviasp
Trivial Pursuit (Young Players Edition) good 1984 Bally/Sente triviayp
Triv Quiz good 1984 Status Games trivquiz
Trivia Hangup (question set 1) good 1984 SMS Manufacturing Corp. trvhang
Trivia Hangup (question set 2) preliminar 1984 SMS Manufacturing Corp. trvhanga
Trivia Quest good 1984 Sunn / Techstar trvquest
Turkey Shoot good 1984 Williams tshoot
Tube Panic good 1984 Nichibutsu / Fujitek tubep
Tube Panic (bootleg) good 1984 bootleg tubepb
Two Tigers (dedicated) imperfect 1984 Bally Midway twotiger
Two Tigers (Tron conversion) good 1984 Bally Midway twotigerc
UFO-X preliminar 1984 Playmatic ufo_x
The Undoukai (Japan) good 1984 Taito Corporation undoukai
Us vs. Them good 1984 Mylstar usvsthem
Vanguard II good 1984 SNK vangrd2
Victorious Nine imperfect 1984 Taito victnine
Video Poker good 1984 InterFlip videopkr
Video Vince and the Game Factory (prototype) imperfect 1984 Mylstar vidvince
Vs 10-Yard Fight (World, 11/05/84) good 1984 Irem vs10yard
Vs 10-Yard Fight (Japan) good 1984 Irem vs10yardj
Vs 10-Yard Fight (US, Taito license) good 1984 Irem (Taito license) vs10yardu
Vs. BaseBall good 1984 Nintendo of America vsbball
Vs. BaseBall (Japan set 1) good 1984 Nintendo vsbballj
Vs. BaseBall (Japan set 2) good 1984 Nintendo vsbballja
Vs. BaseBall (Japan set 3) good 1984 Nintendo vsbballjb
VS Gong Fight imperfect 1984 Kaneko vsgongf
Vs. Mahjang (Japan) good 1984 Nintendo vsmahjng
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