All games from Dynax (ordered by year)
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Mahjong Vegas (Japan) preliminar 1991 Dynax mjvegas
Mahjong Vegas (Japan, unprotected) good 1991 Dynax mjvegasa
Mahjong Tenkaigen good 1991 Dynax tenkai
Mahjong Tenkaigen (set 1) preliminar 1991 Dynax tenkaid
Mahjong Tenkaigen (set 2) good 1991 Dynax tenkaie
Mahjong Yarunara (Japan) good 1991 Dynax yarunara
Mahjong Cafe Time good 1992 Dynax cafetime
Hanafuda Hana Tengoku (Japan) good 1992 Dynax htengoku
Quiz TV Gassyuukoku Q&Q (Japan) good 1992 Dynax quiztvqq
Mahjong Cafe Doll (Japan) preliminar 1993 Dynax cafedoll
Mahjong Electron Base (parts 2 & 4, Japan) good 1993 Dynax mjelctrn
Hanafuda Hana Ginga good 1994 Dynax hginga
Super Hana Paradise (Japan) good 1994 Dynax hparadis
Mahjong The Mysterious Orient good 1994 Dynax mjmyornt
Mahjong The Mysterious World (set 1) good 1994 Dynax mjmyster
Mahjong The Mysterious Universe good 1994 Dynax mjmyuniv
Mahjong The Mysterious World (set 2) good 1994 Dynax mjmywrld
Don Den Lover Vol. 1 - Shiro Kuro Tsukeyo! (Japan) good 1995 Dynax ddenlovj
Don Den Lover Vol. 1 - Heukbaeg-euro Jeonghaja (Korea) good 1995 Dynax ddenlovrk
Mahjong The Dai Chuuka Ken (China, v. D111) good 1995 Dynax mjdchuka
Mahjong Tensinhai (Japan) preliminar 1995 Dynax mjtensin
Don Den Lover Vol. 1 (Hong Kong) good 1996 Dynax ddenlovr
Hana Kanzashi (Japan) good 1996 Dynax hanakanz
Janputer '96 (Japan) good 1996 Dynax janptr96
Mahjong Raijinhai DX preliminar 1996 Dynax majrjhdx
Janputer Special (Japan) good 1997 Dynax janptrsp
Mahjong Chuukanejyo (China) good 1998 Dynax mjchuuka
Mahjong Jong-Tei (Japan, ver. NM532-01) good 1999 Dynax jongtei