All games from the early history of arcade
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Tornado Baseball / Ball Park imperfect 1976 Midway / Taito tornbase
Datsun 280 Zzzap preliminar 1976 Midway 280zzzap
Airborne Avenger preliminar 1977 Atari aavenger
Allied System good 1977 Allied Leisure allied
Boot Hill good 1977 Midway boothill
Canyon Bomber good 1977 Atari canyon
Canyon Bomber (prototype) good 1977 Atari canyonp
Car Polo preliminar 1977 Exidy carpolo
Catch (prototype) preliminar 1977 Atari catchp
Checkmate imperfect 1977 Midway checkmat
Circus / Acrobat TV imperfect 1977 Exidy / Taito circus
Circus (Sub-Electro bootleg) imperfect 1977 bootleg (Sub-Electro) circusse
Cleopatra preliminar 1977 Gottlieb cleoptra
Depthcharge imperfect 1977 Gremlin depthch
Depthcharge (older) imperfect 1977 Gremlin depthcho
Desert Gun imperfect 1977 Midway desertgu
Destroyer (version O2) preliminar 1977 Atari destroyr
Destroyer (version O1) preliminar 1977 Atari destroyr1
Dog Patch imperfect 1977 Midway dogpatch
Dominos good 1977 Atari dominos
Double Play good 1977 Midway dplay
Drag Race good 1977 Atari dragrace
Eight Ball preliminar 1977 Bally eightbll
Embargo preliminar 1977 Cinematronics embargo
Evel Knievel preliminar 1977 Bally evelknie
Freedom preliminar 1977 Bally freedom
Missile X / Guided Missile imperfect 1977 Taito / Midway gmissile
System 1 good 1977 Gottlieb gts1
Hot Tip (L-1) preliminar 1977 Williams httip_l1
Hustle imperfect 1977 Gremlin hustle