All games from Zaccaria (ordered by year)
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Future World preliminar 1978 Zaccaria futurwld
House of Diamonds preliminar 1978 Zaccaria hod
Ski Jump preliminar 1978 Zaccaria skijump
Strike preliminar 1978 Zaccaria strike
Winter Sports preliminar 1978 Zaccaria wsports
Dodgem good 1979 Zaccaria dodgem
Galaxia preliminar 1979 Zaccaria galaxia
Hot Wheels preliminar 1979 Zaccaria hotwheel
Space City preliminar 1979 Zaccaria spacecty
Shooting the Rapids preliminar 1979 Zaccaria strapids
Astro Wars preliminar 1980 Zaccaria astrowar
Fire Mountain preliminar 1980 Zaccaria firemntn
Space Shuttle (Zaccaria) preliminar 1980 Zaccaria sshtlzac
Star God preliminar 1980 Zaccaria stargod
Star God (alternate sound) preliminar 1980 Zaccaria stargoda
Earth Wind Fire preliminar 1981 Zaccaria ewf
Laser Battle preliminar 1981 Zaccaria laserbat
Locomotion preliminar 1981 Zaccaria locomotp
Cat and Mouse (set 1) preliminar 1982 Zaccaria catnmous
Cat and Mouse (set 2) preliminar 1982 Zaccaria catnmousa
Scorpion (set 1) imperfect 1982 Zaccaria scorpion
Scorpion (set 2) preliminar 1982 Zaccaria scorpiona
Scorpion (set 3) imperfect 1982 Zaccaria scorpionb
Soccer Kings preliminar 1982 Zaccaria socrking
Soccer Kings (German speech) preliminar 1982 Zaccaria socrkingg
Soccer Kings (Italian speech) preliminar 1982 Zaccaria socrkingi
Farfalla preliminar 1983 Zaccaria farfalla
Farfalla (German speech) preliminar 1983 Zaccaria farfallag
Farfalla (Italian speech) preliminar 1983 Zaccaria farfallai
Money Money imperfect 1983 Zaccaria monymony
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