All games from Seta (ordered by year)
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Super Real Mahjong Part 1 (Japan) good 1987 Seta srmp1
Super Real Mahjong Part 2 (Japan) good 1987 Seta srmp2
Super Real Mahjong Part 3 (Japan) good 1988 Seta srmp3
Arbalester good 1989 Seta arbalest
DownTown / Mokugeki (set 1) good 1989 Seta downtown
DownTown / Mokugeki (set 2) good 1989 Seta downtown2
DownTown / Mokugeki (joystick hack) good 1989 Seta downtownj
DownTown / Mokugeki (prototype) good 1989 Seta downtownp
Dragon Unit / Castle of Dragon good 1989 Seta drgnunit
Meta Fox good 1989 Seta metafox
U.S. Classic good 1989 Seta usclssic
Thunder & Lightning good 1990 Seta thunderl
Super Real Mahjong PIV (Japan) good 1993 Seta srmp4
Super Real Mahjong PIV (Japan, older set) good 1993 Seta srmp4o
Mayjinsen preliminar 1994 Seta mayjinsn
Mayjinsen 2 good 1994 Seta mayjisn2
Super Eagle Shot imperfect 1994 Seta speglsht
Super Real Mahjong P5 imperfect 1994 Seta srmp5
Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission good 1994 Seta twineag2
Super Real Mahjong P6 (Japan) imperfect 1995 Seta srmp6
Neratte Chu good 1996 Seta nratechu
Super Real Mahjong P7 (Japan) imperfect 1997 Seta srmp7
Super Real Mahjong VS preliminar 1999 Seta srmvs