All games from Game Plan (ordered by year)
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Cabinet Name Status Year Manufacturer ROM
Model 110 good 1978 Game Plan gp_110
Old Coney Island! preliminar 1979 Game Plan coneyis
Family Fun! preliminar 1979 Game Plan famlyfun
Sharpshooter preliminar 1979 Game Plan sshootep
Star Trip preliminar 1979 Game Plan startrip
Vegas (Game Plan) preliminar 1979 Game Plan vegasgp
Pinball Lizard preliminar 1980 Game Plan lizard
Tora Tora (prototype?) preliminar 1980 Game Plan toratora
Global Warfare preliminar 1981 Game Plan gwarfare
Kaos good 1981 Game Plan kaos
Mike Bossy preliminar 1982 Game Plan mbossy
Super Nova preliminar 1982 Game Plan suprnova
Sharp Shooter II preliminar 1983 Game Plan sshootr2
Agents 777 preliminar 1984 Game Plan agent777
Attila The Hun preliminar 1984 Game Plan attila
Andromeda preliminar 1985 Game Plan andromep
Andromeda (alternate set) preliminar 1985 Game Plan andromepa
Captain Hook preliminar 1985 Game Plan cpthook
Cyclopes preliminar 1985 Game Plan cyclopes
Lady Sharpshooter preliminar 1985 Game Plan ladyshot